“…This is a practical and useful course that takes a participant (from a very basic beginner to the advanced) through all aspects of volunteer management to provide a starting point of developing or reviewing their program.  Lots of great material to reflect and incorporate, plus many useful resources.…”
“I have a long list of tools/ideas/thoughts to take back and apply to upcoming events. I feel inspired to fine tune the planning and execution of events!”
“…Your course has given me the strength, confidence and motivation to move forward with my dreams for my organization…”
“...Really appreciated the variety of listening, writing/planning, discussion, video, breaks...”
What our attendees are saying about the program
“...All the templates were super helpful, it gave me great perspective on how to organize myself and the job ...”
“…This course gave me the tools I needed to think about and implement a better volunteer program in my organization.…”
“...This course highlighted how much we need to put in place to create an environment that volunteers want to be involved and it’s an exciting and achievable prospect...”
“...Everything you need to know to be an effective, energized and inspiring leader of volunteers...”
“...Very interesting, challenging and informative course. I would definitely recommend this course to other people...”
“…Instructor is always so great at providing real life and specific examples and scenarios that directly relate to our learning objectives…”
“... This program is a great foundation and resource for volunteer program planning, so you can hit the ground running...”
“…Volunteer Central has offered a number of Volunteer Management Institute's certificate courses.  Milena is an excellent educator and delivers valuable information and practical, readily useable tips on how to best develop volunteers & staff in your organization.  All of our attendees leave with knowledge that they can easily incorporate into their activities …”
“…I really enjoyed OTS,  it is the reason I enrolled in this course and I am leaving here feeling more confident in my role as the sole volunteer coordinator/manager in my organization. …”
“...This course was extremely beneficial to myself and the role I have at my agency. Thanks, I enjoyed and found this course to be extremely valuable...”